Project Management

With decades of experience delivering facilities management support to federal government agencies, TeamGOV understands your unique resource needs and constraints. Our team is experienced, trained, and equipped to help you reduce costs, increase power system resilience and equipment uptime, HVAC maintenance and maximize building efficiency. We understand Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) standards and are part of contract vehicles including O3 FAC, GSA Schedule 8, and GSA BMO IDIQ.

Coordination Process

Our mission is to provide excellent products and service to our commercial client, US Government, and military construction and operations & maintenance while delivering the best value for the government by taking advantage of our resources and relationships. We are always searching for better ways to meet our customers’ needs and expectations, therefore dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We work diligently to create the right Team for you.

Reporting and Cost Control

Government agency facilities are among the most challenging building operations and management sites in the world, and the HVAC, electrical, energy management, building control, and equipment in these facilities must operate continuously and efficiently. TeamGOV has developed a set of government building maintenance and operations services procedures specific to each government client and the unique mission-critical aspects of their facilities. A noteworthy aspect of our Federal Agency capabilities is that we team up with small, disadvantaged, and minority-owned businesses at select government sites in support of federal initiatives.

We have performed Complete Buildings Operations and Maintenance work for various federal agencies, including the GSA Portland Area Buildings, GSA Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives Facility (ATF), Environmental Protection Agency, etc. We are currently working on various GSA projects, where TeamGOV performs facility maintenance, management, utility, HVAC, and alteration services based on industry standards and our firm’s level of professionalism. Preventative maintenance schedules are prepared to assure compliance with the contract requirements. Service calls are logged per the CMMS system and TeamGOV works synergistically with the facility Building Automation System (BAS) to assure connectivity and consistency with GSA’s smart building initiatives.

Commissioning and Project Closeout

The TeamGOV staff is responsible for developing management and operational plan for The Portland Four that meets the quality standards for GSA. We have developed a service call system to provide an overall system of facility management capable of maintaining the facility in a manner that minimized interruption of daily activities. TeamGOV works closely with the government staff to discuss work being performed, provide work schedules, and advising when a major equipment or critical system issue arises. In the performance of the management for this client, TeamGOV provides regular training to the building staff and documents their training in the core competencies related to the Federal Building Personnel Training Act.

HVAC Services

TeamGOV’s purpose is to serve and satisfy our customers with our HVAC Services. To live up to your expectations, our technicians have not only gone through extensive training to become certified, but they’ve also been trained and taught to be courteous and respectful. Our HVAC technicians receive continual training to improve their technical and customer service skills. Precision is an important part of the job. We ensure that each task we do is completed efficiently, and this is our number one priority.

TeamGOV specializes in energy-efficient industrial HVAC solutions that are designed to lower operational costs and maintain a comfortable, safe working environment for facilities across the United States.TeamGOV specializes in the heat pump and packaged HVAC units.

Our air conditioning services include:

Repair: We will repair your AC unit promptly and efficiently.

Maintenance: We offer regular maintenance to increase the life cycle of your air conditioner.

Installation: If you need a new install or replacement of your AC, our service techs will provide you with a high-quality unit.

Other services that we provide include controlling the operation of chillers and cooling towers, chemically treating closed-loop HVAC water piping, and all air distribution systems (e.g., air handling units, exhaust fans, and fan coil units), evaporative cooling equipment, vacuum systems, chilled water pumps, dual temperature pumps, and hot water pumps.

TeamGOV provides HVAC services to various Federal facilities including but not limited to: The Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives Facility (ATF), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), GSA Portland, etc. We perform both proactive scheduled maintenance services on HVAC systems including review and resetting of filter systems, balancing of systems, checking circulation pumps, resetting air handlers, resetting refrigeration, and preventative services such as duct cleaning, checking filters, testing controllers, checking and recharging coolant levels and verifying the functionality of switches, control systems, and thermostats. Ducts and return systems are periodically reviewed for flow and structural integrity. We perform our work in accordance with the description of the building’s HVAC systems enlisted in the HVAC Operations Manual.

Service Brochure