Staff Augmentation

TeamGOV’s staffing approach is geared to ensure that we hire and retain exceptionally motivated staff members who provide high-quality services to our clients. TeamGOV will utilize procedures that focus on identifying and assigning the right person to each task and ensuring a continued high-level of performance. TeamGOV will deploy comprehensive staffing procedures to ensure that we provide to our clients with staff members who have the necessary education, experience, skills, and professional development to provide outstanding support for all requirements.

We have an excellent track record of hiring, retaining, and motivating employees, including staff with hard-to-find technical skills. This record is based on offering excellent salaries and benefits, challenging jobs, advancement opportunities, individualized career development, and effective and motivational management. It also is based upon open communication and the creation of a team environment where customer satisfaction and staff recognition are top priorities. Table 1highlights the features and benefits of TeamGOV’s staffing approach.

Table 1: Highlights and Benefits of TeamGOV’s Staffing Approach

Proactive Approach to Forecasting VacanciesPromotes client partnerships based on mutual commitments to planning for changes in personnel resource requirements
Provides advanced notice of impending vacancies
Allows for sufficient time to recruit highly qualified staff
Maintaining a Centralized Database of Potential StaffFrees up managers to concentrate on project performance.
Provides for rapid identification of qualified staff in all locations.
Rigorous Procedures for Screening ApplicantsProvides effective methods for identifying and hiring staff with the precise mix of skills and experience needed for each vacant position
Validates skills and experience through effective processes for testing skills and verifying previous experience
Corporate Investments in Training Management and Technical StaffEnsures that staff maintains competencies in the technologies and tools that are specific to client environments
Promotes job satisfaction
Increases staff retention
Maintaining Site-specific Backup Staff for Critical PositionsProvides access to qualified staff needed to handle emergencies due to unplanned absences or vacancies
Reinforces skills developed through formal training
Promotes job satisfaction and increases staff retention
Establishing a Pool of Available Part-time StaffProvides access to qualified resources needed to handle spikes in workloads
Enables offices to complete short-term initiatives such as eliminating backlogs
Establishes a source of known and trained candidates for vacancies and coverage for leave

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